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1st of June 2016 09:53 AM Link
Mexican-themed jerseys for Canterbury's Amigos, complete with fierce eagles, a Bandido and a fabulous sunset fashioned from a photo of a steaming plate of nachos eaten during the Force HQ lunch-break...
Message image
31st of May 2016 03:04 PM Link
And undefeated Lez'Heraultimates - Le Crès / Montpellier Ultimate Frisbee heading straight for France's Division 3 next season. Bravo les gars!
Message image
31st of May 2016 07:30 AM Link
Message image
30th of May 2016 05:05 PM Link
Hydra Ultimate looking seriously smart at their first outing at UK Tour! https://twitter.com/Hydra_Ultimate
Message image
27th of May 2016 07:00 AM Link
We have Friction Gloves back in stock in all sizes, shipping out nice and quickly across Europe from here at Force HQ and available now on our online store: http://fshop.co/1Z2w5Ed
Message image
25th of May 2016 03:24 PM Link
All the way from Minnesota USA, the lads from the Sibley Warriors! These jerseys were a lot of fun to print and we have a red/gold version waiting in the wings... ;-)

Thanks for the photo Andrew.
Message image
23rd of May 2016 03:28 PM Link
Stocks are running out fast and our half price hoodie sale ends this Friday! This is your last chance to grab one of these full or side-zipped Force hoodies with 50% off and free Eurozone shipping: http://fshop.co/1U77lpZ
Message image
20th of May 2016 07:30 AM Link
Training hard on the road to World's! Slovenian U20 National Ultimate Teams are getting down to it, all kitted out in their lovely new Force swag. http://wjuc2016.ultimatecentral.com/
Message image
19th of May 2016 05:37 PM Link
Kid's sizes are very cute. Full stop.
Patatas Bravas Ultimate #shippingsoon
Message image
19th of May 2016 07:00 AM Link
Smog Ultimate, storming the UK Mixed Division this year to grab 5th place. Nice work guys and thanks for the photo!

http://www.ukultimate.com/club_ultimate/mixed_division/mixed_division_results/2016 https://twitter.com/smog_ultimate
Message image
17th of May 2016 08:08 AM Link
Congrats Thundering Herd!
Message image
11th of May 2016 03:38 PM Link
Finishing touches to a very shiny new design for UK team LED, soon to be peeling off our full-sub printers!

Looking for ideas for your own kit or curious about exactly what we can print? Have a quick look at what we've done before:
Message image
10th of May 2016 11:14 AM Link
Custom long-sleeved Compression Tops in the works for Jumps Leeds. Next up: cow print Compressions for Thundering Herd!
Message image
29th of April 2016 07:35 AM Link
SPRING CLEARANCE SALE! We're making some room here at Force HQ for our upcoming Summer range, make the most of our massive clear-out to grab one of our classy full or side-zipped Force Hoodies at only half-price!

50% OFF ALL MEN'S AND WOMEN'S HOODIES INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING: http://force-ultimate.sale/fs/13-Hoodies
Readers of our monthly newsletter have already had a head start on this special offer and all we can say is... stocks are going fast!

Shop now on our online store, all weekend orders ship straight out of the workshop on Monday morning.

Have a happy weekend!
Message image
27th of April 2016 08:53 AM Link
The Netherland's Ultimate Frisbee Den Bosch (Swamp Dragons) making the most of the sunshine at their first competition day in their new green jerseys.
Message image
22nd of April 2016 10:26 AM Link
Message image
19th of April 2016 11:57 AM Link
And here they are: BTR Toulouse Ultimate ladies at last weekend's Women's Championships, thanks for the photo! And now for the Open team's shipment...
Message image
15th of April 2016 04:26 PM Link
We're delighted to be boxing up kit for our South-West neighbours BTR Toulouse Ultimate, lots of buddies on the team so here's hoping the new kit brings them success in the upcoming Fédération Flying Disc France (FFDF) Women's and Open Championships.
Message image
13th of April 2016 09:30 AM Link
Congrats Fédération Flying Disc France (FFDF) and bienvenue World Flying Disc Federation! World-class Beach Ultimate only a couple of hours driving from Force HQ... #2017 #holidays #sorted
12th of April 2016 08:46 AM Link
Well done UCC Ultimate Frisbee!
12th of April 2016 08:44 AM Link
Message image
7th of April 2016 11:05 AM Link
#OOSA! Fresh kit now winging it's way to the Woodson Cavaliers from Fairfax, VA.
Message image
2nd of April 2016 07:30 AM Link
And the results are in! The blue "It's all about D" compression top wins the Spring Giveaway poll and our random winner is Lau Kar Sheng, drop us a little line Lau to claim your prize.

Thanks for playing everyone and have a good weekend.
Message image
31st of March 2016 11:19 AM Link
For the first time ever the Slovenian Ultimate Frisbee community is taking two junior U20 teams to the World Junior Ultimate Championship. The event will take place in Wroclaw, Poland, from 30. July - 6. August 2016 and Force Ultimate is delighted to welcome these junior teams to our Endorse project as the 2016 winners!

We've worked with team manager and coach Luka Banovic on their new blue, white and red home & away sponsorship kit which features a fully sublimated motif of the highest mountain in Slovenia, the Triglav.

This classy kit is steaming off our printers now and we're more than looking forward to following their progress this summer in Poland.

You can follow the Slovenian U20 National Ultimate Teams on their FB page and visit http://force-ultimate.com/endorse for more information about our yearly sponsorship project.
Message image
30th of March 2016 11:34 AM Link
22nd of March 2016 01:23 PM Link
We've got batches of kit in production now for UKU/BUCS Nationals (16 Apr - 17 Apr 2016), UKU Mixed Tour 2 & 3 and London Calling (28 May - 29 May 2016). If you need extra kit items or fancy freshening up with some new Force gear then now's the time to drop us line!

No minimum order requirements, full kit bundle reductions and speedy lead times. More info available on our website: http://force-ultimate.com
Message image
22nd of March 2016 01:06 PM Link
Geometric ducklings and a nice fresh colour scheme set up on our long-sleeved Epela tops, designed by UTKA Ultimate and printed by Force!
Message image
21st of March 2016 11:13 AM Link
Message image
15th of March 2016 11:04 AM Link
Sexy poses for sexy kit! Queen Mary Ultimate Frisbee at their first away game against The University of Greenwich Ultimate this weekend.
Message image
12th of March 2016 10:41 AM Link
University of Portsmouth Ultimate Frisbee rocking their new white and purple gear: two different designs for the home and away jerseys and our new EvO2 fabric for the shorts... a nice combo all in all.
Message image
11th of March 2016 03:25 PM Link
Ursa Major in their starry new kit at this year's The Siege of Limerick (Ultimate Frisbee). Seen here playing against tournament winners PELT Ultimate.
Message image
11th of March 2016 09:02 AM Link
Spotify are looking for the 'Ultimate' University playlist in their latest soundclash and FarFlung - Glasgow University Ultimate are heading the leaderboard! Help keep them up there and in the runnings for a £10k win by subscribing to the playlist below.
9th of March 2016 12:20 PM Link
Getting your own custom Force gear shipped to the USA and Canada couldn't be easier:

- free kit design and setup
- no minimum order requirements in any style or size
- no customs duties or sales tax to pay when your parcel arrives
- and priority international shipping from under $1 an item!

Fancy getting a team order started with us? Drop us a line at contact@force-ultimate.com
Message image
7th of March 2016 11:11 AM Link
Message image
7th of March 2016 09:49 AM Link
Message image
7th of March 2016 09:44 AM Link
Message image
4th of March 2016 09:18 AM Link
New gear for Dundee University Ultimate Frisbee Club, freshly arrived in Scotland and ready for regionals this weekend. Best of luck for your games guys!
Message image
3rd of March 2016 07:37 PM Link
The University of Greenwich Ultimate getting straight down to business with their classy new kit!
Message image
25th of February 2016 10:27 AM Link
There are going to be some happy Monkeys at next weekend's French Mixed championship...

#spoiler Monkey Grenoble Ultimate
Message image
23rd of February 2016 01:39 PM Link
Made to fit with our new lycra/polyster blend EVO2 fabric these compression tops will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer - they're magic!

Now available directly on our online store in both men's and women's cuts and in short and long-sleeved versions. Simply shop now at http://force-ultimate.com/boutique/20-base-layers
Think your team would look good in a custom order? Drop us a line at contact@force-ultimate.com to get the conversation started!
Message image
11th of February 2016 05:55 PM Link
The lads from University of Stirling Ultimate Frisbee Team bleeding green at BUCS.
Message image
11th of February 2016 09:13 AM Link
Swansea Ultimate in their new green EVO2 gear! http://force-ultimate.com/evo2
Message image
5th of February 2016 04:14 PM Link
Message image
5th of February 2016 01:32 PM Link
Packing up some fire for the ladies at The University of Arizona's Scorch Ultimate
Message image
4th of February 2016 02:42 PM Link
A few print colour trials for our new range of base layer Compression Tops, soon available on our online store!

Have an idea for your own team top? These long and short sleeved lycra base layers are fully customisable and now available with no minimum order requirements, drop us a line at contact@force-ultimate.com for more info.

#compressiontops" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://force-ultimate.com/models.ph #compressiontops
Message image
3rd of February 2016 10:41 AM Link
A very dedicated Swansea Ultimate up at 6h30 to pick up and dig through a monster box of new kit!
Message image
1st of February 2016 01:41 PM Link
Message image
26th of January 2016 12:05 PM Link
This is going to be a lot of fun to print... Fresh kit for Warwick's newest addition to the big Bear family, the Thunderbears!
Message image
25th of January 2016 09:47 AM Link
Message image
22nd of January 2016 03:09 PM Link
Panic Ultimate Frisbee Leiden are working hard on recruitment this year, if you're anywhere near Leiden, Netherlands then drop in for their taster sessions. Oh and new team members get free shipping on their awesome new jerseys too ;-)
Message image
22nd of January 2016 10:25 AM Link
Get down with your dark side... We're having some fun with our NEW COMPRESSION TOPS! Made from breathable, body-hugging lycra and available in long and short-sleeved versions, these full-sub performance tops are customisable with your own design and have no minimum order requirements.

Got a few ideas for your own gear? Contact us today to sort out your order, we're offering 10% off this new product until the 28th of February.
#compressiontops" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://force-ultimate.com/models.ph #compressiontops
Message image
14th of January 2016 02:02 PM Link
Why hello there PhDisc! Showcasing their new learned green jerseys at this year's Jungle Tour. Thanks for the photo FOCUS Ultimate
Message image
14th of January 2016 08:18 AM Link
These beauties are heading for a much warmer, drier climate than Storm Frank is offering us at the moment... New EVO2 kit for Scorch Ultimate (University of Arizona Women's Ultimate) now in printing at Force HQ.
Message image
12th of January 2016 04:55 PM Link
New year, new projects! We've opened up our 2016 Endorse Program and will be accepting sponsorship applications until the end of February.

Our company has grown thanks to the support of Ultimate Frisbee players across Europe and in return we'd like to give something back. Have a look here to find out what full sponsorship could mean for your team: http://force-ultimate.com/endorse
If you'd like to apply for Force sponsorship simply write to us at endorse@force-ultimate.com with the following details:

- Team name and location
- a short description of your team and players
- national or regional federation affiliation with current seeding
- tournament participation for previous seasons and team trophies
- a full player roster for the current playing season

And anything else you think may be important for your bid!
Message image
11th of January 2016 07:44 AM Link
Thunderguins rocking their new EVO2 jerseys at this year's Yindoors.
Message image
8th of January 2016 01:54 PM Link
Long-sleeved jerseys, short-sleeved jerseys and sexy new EVO2 shorts... we're packing up a monster box for University of Portsmouth Ultimate Frisbee.

Happy New Year Sublime ;-)
Message image
4th of January 2016 11:03 AM Link
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! We were very excited to see that our page counter hit 5000 likes at some point over the Christmas holidays, thank you very much for all your support and interest in our brand - it means a lot to us :')

As well as a virtual high-five we'd also like to offer you free shipping on any order made on our online store over this new month of January 2016. No shopping codes needed, simply head over to http://force-ultimate.com/boutique/19-full-catalogue to make the most of this thank-you offer.

Have a great 2016!
Message image
1st of January 2016 06:13 PM Link
A very Happy New Year to you all and a big thank you to all those who played for one of these Winter Warmer prizes!

Without further ado, here are our three winners:
Dom TJ
Quentin Prefot
Melissa Roszhart

Drop us a line guys to claim your prize, either here on Facebook or at contact@force-ultimate.com and don’t forget to let us know your Friction Glove size and colour choice for your new Force Beanie.

We’ve had loads of requests through for these products and so in an excess of New Year's generosity (or alcohol…) we’ve added this Warmer Pack to our online store. You can now purchase a hand-knitted Force Beanie and a pair of Friction Gloves for only 40€ including free world-wide shipping!

All the best for 2016 to you from all of us here at Force HQ! Take care and play hard!
Message image
24th of December 2015 04:05 PM Link
We're packing up free Winter Warmer packs for 3 lucky winners - give this post a like for a chance to win a pair of Friction Gloves in your size, a hand-knitted Force Beanie and one of our 'Dump Swing Score' snoods to keep you nice and warm on the playing fields this season!

The winners get chosen next Friday 1st January and until then a very Merry Christmas to you all from everyone here at Force HQ.
Message image
23rd of December 2015 11:39 AM Link
Alexis and Jùila from Ultimate Club Tarragona - Mamadiadors popped in for a visit at Force HQ! New textile chosen, new kit being planned and their 2016 season is already underway...
Message image
21st of December 2015 05:11 PM Link
Boxing up a few dragons today! This long-sleeved kit for the UK's Dragonstorm has been a massive hit here in the workshop and our seamstresses will be sad to see it leave the nest. Don't forget to send us a team photo Daniel ;-)
Message image
20th of December 2015 08:38 PM Link
Message image
20th of December 2015 08:37 PM Link
Schijnwerpers Antwerpen's lovely green and grey kit printed on our new matt-finish Evo2 fabric http://force-ultimate.com/evo2
17th of December 2015 08:58 AM Link
Wrap up warmly with a long-sleeved version of your playing kit, with no minimum order requirements and cheap Eurozone shipping it's easy to grab yourself one of these Epela tops! Drop us a line at contact@force-ultimate.com to find out more.
Message image
16th of December 2015 11:07 PM Link
Ok, so obviously we went to the Star Wars The Force Awakens opening night... #printingonpause #3dglasseson #omg #nospoilers
Message image
16th of December 2015 11:25 AM Link
Message image
15th of December 2015 09:37 AM Link
Message image
14th of December 2015 12:22 PM Link
It's been a long time since we've done anything remotely like Science and so printing this kit for team PhDisc was a lot of fun: lovely green chalkboard jerseys complete with disc mechanics and real working equations!

And the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything of course...
Message image
14th of December 2015 08:25 AM Link
Message image
14th of December 2015 08:23 AM Link
Message image
3rd of December 2015 08:38 AM Link
Happy International Spirit of the Game (SOTG) Day! Share, click, like and get involved with the Day that celebrates and promotes the values of fair-mindedness, clear and respectful communication, spatial awareness, as well as a positive attitude and the proper use and knowledge of the rules of our sport. Enjoy playing Ultimate!

Message image
1st of December 2015 11:17 AM Link
Message image
23rd of November 2015 09:16 AM Link
Looks like Patatas Bravas Ultimate had a very good weekend at Gran Canaria! #CEMIXTO
Message image
23rd of November 2015 09:14 AM Link
Looking good ladies!!
Message image
20th of November 2015 04:07 PM Link
Ease the wintery sting of zippy throws with a pair of Friction Gloves! Now shipping nice and cheaply within Eurozone from here at Force HQ.

Message image
19th of November 2015 11:51 PM Link
18th of November 2015 02:15 PM Link
Message image
17th of November 2015 10:41 AM Link
Message image
14th of November 2015 09:21 AM Link
Our thoughts go out to everyone in Paris today. This is awful news, very scary stuff...
13th of November 2015 08:52 AM Link
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1486036555060127/
International Spirit of the Game Day
The 2015 Spirit of the Game Day was a big success. We will start to work on the 2016 version around the summer. Stay tun...
3rd of December 2015 12:00 AM
10th of November 2015 09:07 PM Link
Also available in hot pink and black, our sublimated Movember trucker hat has proved a hit! Grab one while our stock (and Movember) lasts: http://fshop.co/movember-2015
Message image
9th of November 2015 11:55 AM Link
One massive sublimated flag + a few carefully crafted holes = An Accuracy Contest! Great idea Ultimate Club Tarragona - Mamadiadors and thank you very much for the invite this weekend, we had a blast! A very well run beach tournament in the sunshine at Tarragona, Spain.

Thanks as well to everyone who came to check out the Force stand, see you next year todos y todos...
Message image
2nd of November 2015 09:54 AM Link
Message image
28th of October 2015 04:24 PM Link
Get a head start on Movember with this new cotton-twill trucker hat from Force! Fully sublimated with a sturdy front panel, 4 mesh panels and 4 custom twill panels this hat is built to last. Once a Mo, always a Mo...

Now available directly from our online store: http://fshop.co/movember-2015
Message image
26th of October 2015 10:26 AM Link
Message image
22nd of October 2015 07:11 AM Link
Did we mention we now do custom compression sleeves?? These lovely arms from one of the teams at this year's Tapen'hat powered by Ultimate Marseille

Info, sizes and instant purchases on our webstore -> http://force-ultimate.com/boutique/accessories/17-HOT_SKULLZ_SLEEVE.html
Message image
20th of October 2015 02:47 PM Link
Running sucks, poaching rules... Not just an old man's jersey, this black top has proved hugely popular on the fields and is now available for purchase on our new online store! And claim free shipping on any purchase until the end of October with the cart code "SHOPTILLYOUDROP".

Message image
19th of October 2015 02:08 PM Link
Message image
19th of October 2015 01:38 PM Link
Boys on Trip, looking very smart in their new blue Force Ultimate gear. Thanks for the photo Mike!
Message image
15th of October 2015 07:56 AM Link
Hampshire Ultimate, from Southampton (UK).
Message image
13th of October 2015 11:01 AM Link
UK team Chick Flick showing off the dark version of their jersey sporting the cute chick with a mean forehand pass...
Message image
12th of October 2015 08:54 AM Link
Freshers fairs are go all over Europe! Don't forget our Uni offer running until the end of the month: full kit bundles at only 80€/£59, free design and set up, free shipping and a big free team flag to take around your tournaments. Drop us a line at contact@force-ultimate.com to start sorting out your kit order.
Message image
10th of October 2015 10:04 AM Link
Force winter beanies are back in stock on our store! http://force-ultimate.com/boutique/accessories/1-naturalbeanie.html
Message image
8th of October 2015 01:27 PM Link
The team in green: Flick Move from Leeds (UK) with their new EvO2 fabric jerseys: http://force-ultimate.com/evo2
Message image
8th of October 2015 09:30 AM Link
Euskadisk ultimate frisbee Biarritz breaking out their spicy white jerseys at their first tournament in Bordeaux this weekend.
Message image
6th of October 2015 10:13 AM Link
New season, new products, new goodies and a brand new webstore! Now you can shop for Force gear directly online via our new online store at http://force-ultimate.com/boutique
Friction Gloves, snoods, compression sleeves, hoodies and more with new categories and products coming very soon! #shoptilyoudrop
Message image
2nd of October 2015 05:09 PM Link
Have you heard of the legend of the Dahu?

Well this goaty animal has a dark side too...

New kit freshly off our heat press for Dahultimate Club d'Ultimate Frisbee de Seynod / Haute-Savoie!

Message image
30th of September 2015 11:03 AM Link
French Touch Ultimate (FTU) on the sand at this year's Burla Beach Cup, grabbing second place in the Mixed Division after a hard fought final against Russo Turisti.

Associazione Sportiva BB Sea Ultimate
Message image
24th of September 2015 07:53 AM Link
Congrats to Jabba The Huck, All-Ireland Ultimate Championship winners! And it looks like the team won all of their campaign games on universe point... impressive stuff.
Message image
23rd of September 2015 10:08 AM Link
Give your arms a blast of sunshine before the winter sets in... introducing our new Force Tank! Now available for customisation and printing: #tank" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://force-ultimate.com/models.php #tank
Message image