A lot of research goes into our textiles and we rigorously test all materials we use for making our sportswear. Made exclusively in Italy and Spain for Force Ultimate our textile is rugged and durable and offers not only comfort but also a great support for our sublimation inks. Your design will remain vibrant and visibable, match after match and wash after wash.

Our X-PRO3 fabric worn by players all over Europe, this is the textile you've probably already seen on the playing field. This is a light textile with a matt finish. This makes it soft, comfortable and fitted, an ideal textile for both jerseys and shorts.

  • Weight: 130 gr /m2, 100% polyester
  • Matt finish
  • Durable stretch fabric
  • Comfortable
  • 100% Recycled fabric

force xpro3 piece of fabric
detailed view of textile xpro3 weave
green recycled fabric

Go Green! Products with this logo are made with recycled fabric option. Force Ultimate is firmly committed to protecting the environment and we work with European thread and textile suppliers, which use sustainable manufacturing processes in compliance with the European Union’s environmental regulations. The recycling processs begins with the selective collection of plastics which are washed and crushed mechanically to form the pellets that will later be used to manufacture the new polyester thread. Up to 70 plastic bottles can be recycled to make a single metre of our XPRO3 Green fabric.

Our legacy Force textile, still available on request for certain projects.

  • Weight: 135 gr /m2, 100% polyester
  • Breathable & soft touch
  • Fast drying
  • Superior comfort
  • Easy care

force original piece of fabric
detailed view of textile original weave
logo textile force evo2
For all Argia, Compression and Underwear models we use our EVO2 textile. It is available for other articles upon request.

Weight: 145 gr /m2, 82% polyester & 18% elastane.
Added UPF50+ protection
force evo2 piece of fabric

Sport Fleece

For all our products dedicated to keep you warm.

Weight: 250 gr /m2, 85% polyester & 15% elastane
force fleece piece of fabric


Dedicated to our casual wear. Cotton feel.

Weight: 120 gr /m2, 100% polyester
force casual piece of fabric


Dedicated to all our flags.

Weight: 110 gr /m2, 100% polyester
force flag piece of fabric

Good news is I got the kit out to everyone and they all love it. For feedback, the Evo2 material is fantastic, really comfortable, really breathable so we're enjoying that. Nick, AA

The first time when I had the new textile in the hand I thought: 'This is not very breathable', but when I played with it, it proved me wrong. It is very comfortable, breathable and the elasticity is great, nice to play with. Matthias, Camp10

The Evo2 was incredible, it feels a little unusual when you first put it on but it was much more comfortable than other kit I've played in once you get going and sweating in it. Chris, Flick Move

Still have a few questions? Like to get some textile samples? Contact us and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible.